• SIP Trunking Service
  • SIP Trunking Service

    What is babyTEL SIP Trunking?

    babyTEL SIP Trunking is a multi-line telephone service with calling plans offered to businesses who wish to connect an IP-enabled device such as an IP-PBX or VoIP gateway. A telephone number used for SIP Trunking service can receive calls simultaneously on two or more VoicePaths (virtual lines). You pay for each VoicePath, as you do now for each telephone line you use.

    What features are included?

    There are a number of features included with the babyTEL SIP Trunking service. There is a single mailbox that can take voice messages if all the lines are in use. There is the ability to call 911 for emergency service. Caller ID and Caller Name information is provided with every call where available. You have the option to forward calls to a number of you choice whenever babyTEL is unable to reach you due to Internet failure or other problems with your phone system. You can also have multiple telephone numbers each from anywhere babyTEL provides coverage allowing you to have virtual presence across a large International geographic footprint. See our SIP Trunking service page for more details. Note that a SIP Trunking service does not provide features for individual users. These features are typically found on the phone system (PBX) that these users connect to.

    Do I need special equipment?

    If you already have a conventional telephone system, you will need a multi-port VoIP gateway that uses the SIP protocol. Each port on the gateway allows you to replace one of your existing telephone company lines.

    If you have a SIP-compatible IP-PBX (a VoIP telephone system) or hybrid telephone system, you will not need a gateway to connect to babyTEL.

    At sites remote from your office, you can have extensions that use SIP telephones or an ordinary analog telephone that connects to the Internet via a babyBOXTM ATA.

    Does babyTEL supply equipment for its SIP Trunking service?

    babyTEL does not supply telephone systems or multi-port gateways. It is advantageous for you to buy from a local dealer of such equipment to enable you to obtain technical support, including on-site service, when needed. You can use babyTEL service with most of the SIP-compatible VoIP gateways and IP-PBXs available today. We do not recommend one system over another.

    Once you have identified equipment of interest to you, contact us to confirm its compatibility with our service. The manufacturer or national distributor of the system you are interested in can help you locate a local dealer of their products. Alternatively, the interconnect company that sold you your telephone system might be a dealer for an appropriate SIP gateway, or may be interested in becoming one.

    Does babyTEL recommend specific brands or types of equipment?

    babyTEL recommends using devices we support and list on the device selection page during sign-up. You may, however, for a small additional monthly fee, use a device that is not listed among those we support. Our services have been tested extensively in a variety of environments and with different other devices. Should you have any problems with the device you choose, please contact us for assistance.

    Can I use my babyTEL SIP Trunking lines to send and receive faxes?

    Yes. Sending faxes out over regular babyTEL SIP Trunking service lines is possible but delivery success rates will vary depending on Internet conditions. Internet delays and packet loss can have serious negative effect on fax completion rates. For those reasons babyTEL offers a SIP Trunking plan specifically designed for heavy Fax users to maximize Fax delivery success rates by incorporating FoIP best practices, including optimized routing and use of the T.38 protocol.Receiving faxes on a babyTEL number works especially well when that number is set to “do not disturb”, resulting in all faxes being received as file attachments to email messages. If fax traffic is light, a “pay as you go” plan might be appropriate. That same line can still be used for outgoing voice or fax calls.

    Do I need more than one phone number?

    A babyTEL number can handle multiple calls. You will need another telephone number, however, if you want to use a different calling plan for certain outgoing calls. Your telephone system can be programmed to use the appropriate outgoing lines depending on the call destination.You may want to use individual numbers (DID) to provide callers direct access to particular departments or individuals. Your telephone system can be programmed to switch calls to the right extension depending on the number that was called.

    Virtual numbers in other cities will enable people at those locations to reach your business via a local call.

    A DID or virtual number directs its inbound calls to a primary number, using the same lines as that number.

    Does babyTEL offer Toll Free (1-800) numbers?

    Yes. Getting a toll free number is a simple two step process. First, choose a babyTEL plan that meets your needs and complete the sign up process. Second, access your account and add a toll free number.

    Is there a minimum for the number of lines that I can subscribe to?

    Yes, there is a minimum of two (2) lines. If you require more, you can choose the number of lines during sign up or you can add lines using the online account portal.
  • Phones and Adapters
  • Phones and Adapters


    babyTEL is all about flexibility and convenience. That is why we make it possible for you to connect using different devices. Choose the device that best suits your needs. Here are some of the devices you can use:

    • Use your regular telephone set. You will need to connect it to an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) which in turn connects to the Internet.
    • Use a ROAMbaby Desktop on your computer.
    • Use a ROAMbaby app on your Apple iOS or Android device.
    • Use an IP-Phone, which is a telephone set with built-in Voice over IP (VoIP) capabilities.

    Regardless of which type of device you use, if you purchased it from us it will be automatically configured.

    If you already own a device or purchased one from another vendor, you need to configure it according to the instructions that come with it. Make sure it is a SIP-enabled VoIP device. We can provide you with generic information needed to properly configure a typical SIP device, but before using one from a third party, you should check with us to make sure that specific model has been properly tested and certified interoperable with our network. Due to variations in characteristics of different SIP devices, we cannot guarantee how well uncertified devices will work.

    View the following sections to learn about the devices available from babyTEL

    ROAMbaby Desktop

    With a babyTEL ROAMbaby Desktop, you can make or receive calls directly from your PC or laptop. The ROAMbaby Desktop can be downloaded to your computer and it works just like your home phone.

    Price: FREE
    • Support for all babyTEL features
    • Automatic service configuration and activation
    • Zero-touch configuration of your audio device
    • 2 line appearances

    Telephone Adapters

    The OBi302 Universal VoIP Adapter

    Connect the OBi302 ATA to your phone and enjoy the benefits of voice calling over the Internet.

    Price: $69.95
    • 2 phone ports to connect analog phones, fax machines or a PBX system
    • 1 (WAN) Ethernet connection to a broadband modem or router
    • 1 (LAN) Ethernet connection to connect computers, hubs or switches to the Internet
    • 1 USB 2.0 port

    See the product Data Sheet for more details.

    babyBOXTM wireless (Linksys WRP400 ATA)

    Do you want to add a wireless network at home? Then choose the babyBOX wireless. This is the ideal choice if you want to add WiFi to your home network.

    Price: $99.95


    • 2 line interfaces to connect analog phones, fax machines or a PBX system
    • 4 (LAN) Ethernet interfaces to connect computers, hubs or switches to the Internet
    • 1 (WAN) Ethernet connection to a broadband modem or router
    • A wireless access router to link both Wireless-G and Wireless-B devices

    See the product Data Sheet for more details.

    Mobile Devices

    ROAMbaby app (for Apple iOS and Android devices)

    On the go? Make and receive calls over WiFi or 3G and save on your monthly cellular minute costs!

    Available for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android phones.

    The ROAMbaby app is included with our ROAMbaby plan and select Home plans.

  • Extras
  • Extras

    Fax to email

    Access your babyTEL account online to enable forwarding your messages to an email address. When enabled, if an incoming call is answered by babyTEL on your behalf, we will take a message, be it voice or fax, and deliver it to the specified email address. Depending on your service plan, fax pages received by email may incur charges.
  • Documentation
  • Documentation