Business Phone

The babyTEL Advantage

  • Focus on your business.
  • Let us manage your business phone solution.

Emergency calls

  • Setup your 911 address.
  • Define your location name.
  • A complete and full description of the 911 Service can be found at 911: It’s different

Automated Attendant

  • Callers could interact with the automated attendant in English or French.
  • When speech recognition is enabled, callers will be able to speak the name of the person or department they wish to reach.

Set up your extensions

Assign a type and device for each extension.

You can edit, add, or remove extensions at any time on your babyTEL Portal.

How Group Calling Works

The voicemail email will be used to send voicemail messages received for that group.

You can create groups to forward calls to all team members in that group.

Customize your company greeting

The greeting that will be played for your callers is composed of a welcome message and a main prompt. If the user does not make a selection, only the main prompt is repeated.

  • Temporary Password

    To access your account, please enter your temporary password included in the confirmation email.

    All fields are mandatory

  • Location in Case of Emergency (911)

    babyTEL Voice Service allows you to make calls from anywhere that you have access to a broadband internet service wherever you are located. However, because of these nomadic capabilities, babyTEL is not currently able to automatically detect whether the Voice Service is being used from the registered service address or from some other location. Consequently, when a subscriber relocates, babyTEL no longer has valid 911 routing or ALI (Automatic Location Information) data with which to process 911 calls from that Customer, unless the Customer updates his/her location information.

    To ensure your safety, Once the 911 Service is activated, all calls by the Customer using the 911 Service will be connected to an intermediary (such as a third party call centre), which in turn will transfer the call to the proper PSAP or emergency services agency. Based on the information provided by the Customer, the intermediary will direct your call to the appropriate emergency services agency or a public safety answering point.

    Please enter and confirm your physical company address below:

    * fields are mandatory


    Unit Information

  • Automated Attendant Preferences

  • Setup Extensions

    * fields are mandatory


    First Name


    Last Name


    Type Device
  • Create Groups

    Groups represent different teams that need to be called as a group.
    Login to the babyTEL portal and select the Groups menu to manage the list of groups.

    All fields are mandatory

  • Select Operator

    Please identify which extension to ring when a caller presses 0.

    Automated Attendant

    The Automated Attendant is a virtual receptionist that answers your company calls and presents the caller with your company greeting. The greeting welcomes the caller and provides instructions that guide the caller on how to reach the person they are calling.

    Welcome message

    Main prompt in english

    Main prompt in french