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    Connect your offices, telecommuters and remote teams anywhere in the world

    • Users can connect their phones anywhere through an Internet connection
    • A single administrator can set up and manage multiple locations
    • Virtual local numbers from the U.S., Canada and worldwide bring you closer to your customers

    You want your people connected. We connect people!


    From a global service provider based in Montreal

    • babyTEL offers voice and fax cloud-based services Canada, the U.S., Europe and Australia
    • Technology built in-house means that we can adapt and apply it quickly to meet your needs
    • We focus on quality, reliability and putting the customer first

    Let us be your telecom makeover advisers. We’ll make you look even better!



    For anyone who wants the features of an enterprise phone service without installing a switch.

    Choose our Business Phone Service and get:

    • All the expected features as if you had installed an on-premise switch
    • A telephone number for your company, and individual numbers for every user
    • An automated attendant for your business, programmable to your needs
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    All-In Extension Phone Included

    LIMITED TIME OFFER Ideal for regular users who want all the standard features at a fixed monthly cost

    All-In Extension with Phone Included$27.00


    Ideal for regular users who want all the standard features at a fixed monthly cost

    • Unlimited incoming calls
    • Unlimited local and long distance calling to Canada & USA1
    • Yealink T21P E2 IP Phone for $0 *
    Check our low international rates
    * Should you choose to cancel your babyTEL Cloud PBX subscription before your six month anniversary, then you have the option of returning the $0 phones or purchasing them for $100.00 CDN each. Should you choose to cancel your babyTEL Cloud PBX subscription after you six month anniversary, then the $0 phones yours and do not need to be returned. No extra charges will be applied to your credit card.
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    All-In Extension

    Ideal for regular users who want all the standard features at a fixed monthly cost

    All-In Extension$27.00

    Ideal for regular users who want all the standard features at a fixed monthly cost.

    • Unlimited incoming calls
    • Unlimited local and long distance calling to Canada & USA1
    Check our low international rates
    1. Excludes Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Yukon, Alaska
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    Lite Extension

    Ideal for light users, conference rooms and common areas

    Lite Extension$17.00

    Ideal for light users, conference rooms and common areas.

    • 100 minutes of calls across Canada & USA1
    • 3.0 ¢/ minute for excess minutes to Canada & USA1
    Check our low international rates
    1. Excludes Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Yukon, Alaska

    * Taxes, regulatory fees and other applicable charges are extra
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    Your account - easily managed and controlled through our intuitive online portal

    • Easily configure and manage your services online
    • Track your service costs and call history in real time
    • Users can easily access and control personal settings

    It's easy to set up and manage yourself. Still, if you prefer, we’ll set it up for you!

    With the ROAMbaby app, never miss a call – unless you want to

    • Our ROAMbaby app runs on smartphones, tablets and computers, connected through Wi-Fi or a cell carrier data link
    • The app supports dial-by-extension, transfer and conferencing, plus the many features of the native cell phone like contacts and call log
    • For the office desk, if ROAMbaby has not completely replaced it, expect our desk top phones to provide exceptional sound quality and features

    Our customers REALLY, REALLY LIKE US. Why?

    • Our customers love the support we provide, how fast we react to their needs and how we take action on feedback
    • Our customers love the quality, reliability and options like service continuity and high availability, plus all the extras
    • The expertise we have and the knowhow we share

    And a bunch of really, really cool features and stuff that makes them go ‘yeah baby’!

    babyTEL VS. Traditional phone service providers

    babyTEL Business Phone Service Traditional Phone Service
    Price per month
    $27/User ~ $40/User
    Yearly contract
    Set up fees
    $0 ~ $3000
    Maintenance fees
    $0 ~ $500
    Auto-attendant included
    Number transfer (porting)
    FREE ~ $200
    Unlimited local calling
    Unlimited Canada calling
    Unlimited U.S. calling
    Low international calling rates
    Ability to choose a phone number outside your local area
    Online account management


    ROAMbaby is an enterprise-worthy soft phone app. providing all the benefits of a desktop phone and even more. Connection is through Wi-Fi or a cellphone carrier’s data link. When working in conjunction with our cloud business phone solution all the features expected on the desktop phone are replicated on the app. These include:

    • Three- or four-digit extension dialing
    • Call transfer – Options for supervised and unsupervised
    • Conferencing – Up to four person or larger ad-hoc conferences can be set up from ROAMbaby


    On ROAMbaby, we have also replicated native smartphone features including:

    • Contacts
    • Call log
    • Direct dialing from contacts or call logs

    ROAMbaby features are provided in a more user friendly way than experienced with even the best IP desktop phone. ROAMbaby works on multiple platforms:


    With ROAMbaby on your smartphone, you can always have a direct connection to the office. You will appreciate the ability to leave your desk and still have your phone with you, whether in the next office or on the next continent.


    Try ROAMbaby on an iPad or Android tablet. Depending on the tablet, it may be able to replace a desktop phone for many users. Making it even easier to take your office anywhere.

    Personal Computers

    The ROAMbaby for the PC is clearly a winner in work environments where a user is often tied to their Computer.

    Call Queue

    A call could be a prospect, a partner or a customer that needs your help!

    An unanswered call could mean a missed opportunity or a lost customer.

    With call queues, you can manage large call volumes and minimize missed calls.

    Give your callers the positive experience they deserve and the option to wait for a representative to answer, or just leave a voicemail message.

    How it Works
    • Add a call queue to support sales, customer service, or admin teams.
    • Manage who gets the calls on the call queue through your babyTEL portal.
    • Include it in your company greeting (Press 2 for Customer Support, Press 3 for Sales).
    • The queued calls are distributed to the next available answering agent in the order received.
    • Choose a call queue size that suits your needs. Call queues come with on hold capacities of 2, 4 or 6 callers. Larger capacities available on request.
    • Callers can leave voicemail when no answering agent is available or if they no longer wish to wait on the line.
    • Add, Modify or Remove call queues as needed for your business.

    Call Queueing is an add-on service Purchase Call Queue licences via the babyTEL Store of the online account portal. There is a monthly recurring charge of $14.95 per Call Queue and a $0.03 charge for each minute of hold time in the queue.


    A Better Business Phone Solution

    Benefit from a better business phone solution without the hassle of on-premise PBX procurement, setup and support process.

    Quality and Reliability

    Your business can rely on our in-house designed high-availability infrastructure, thanks to redundancy, security, optimization and around-the-clock monitoring.

    Multiple Locations Serviced

    Connect multiple office locations, home workers and road warriors, to the same centrally-managed IP-PBX.

    Free Calls

    Make FREE calls to your enterprise users or other babyTEL users anywhere in the world – without paying long distance charges.

    Virtual Numbers

    Set up a unique, local phone number wherever you do business. Create local numbers for each office or employee. You can also keep your existing number.

    Simultaneous Ringing

    Your desktop phone and ROAMbaby phones all ring simultaneously – You pick up on the phone that is convenient. You may even opt to have ROAMbaby replace your desktop phone.

    ROAMbaby App

    Our ROAMbaby apps, for smartphones, tablets, and PCs provide full desk-top capability including dial by extension, call transfer, and setting up a conferences.

    Voicemail & Voice-to-Email

    Record a personal greeting and access your voicemail messages by phone or by email.

    Voicemail Transcription

    Receive a text transcription of your voicemail along with the audio attachment right in your email. Now you can search your voice messages as you do emails. Save time and quickly respond to messages no matter where you are. Voicemail Transcription service is fully automated.