• Business Phone Service
  • Business Phone Service

    What is babyTEL Business Phone service?

    The babyTEL Business Phone service is a cloud-based business phone and fax solution that combines a straightforward yet complete self-managed phone system and fax solution, advanced phone and fax services and full-featured IP phones that arrive pre-configured and ready for use.

    Using a cloud-based phone system hosted in reliable and secure data centers minimizes the upfront investment costs and eliminates the need to install and manage complex and costly hardware on your premises.

    You easily connect users regardless of their physical location to your babyTEL Business Phone service. Local, remote and mobile users can now be reached just as easily using their regular extension.

    The babyTEL Business Phone service is subscribed to, activated and self-managed online. It provides functions and flexibility allowing your company staff to be easily reached at a lower cost than with conventional systems.

    What features are included?

    All the basic features a business would require in a telephone system are included plus some advanced features only available through VoIP. See our Business Phone service page for more details.

    Do I need special equipment?

    You need an IP phone for each extension. No other hardware or technical contractors are needed for an onsite setup to configure your system. Once you subscribe and activate your account, you can immediately receive calls, setup the Auto Attendant and configure extensions from the online portal.It takes 3 to 7 business days to receive your IP phones from the time of purchase. Once you received simply connect them to start making and receiving calls.

    Can we keep the phones we currently have?

    No, we provide pre-configured phones for each extension in your system.

    My IP Phone stopped working. What should I do?

    This could happen for a number of reasons. For example a power glitch or a temporary loss of Internet connectivity could leave the IP Phone or other networking equipment in a state where they are unable to recover.Rebooting the affected equipment may restore your connection. Start by rebooting the IP Phone. If that does not solve the problem, a reboot of networking related equipment may be needed.

    Rebooting the IP Phone

    This may be necessary if you notice an error message on the display and you can’t make a telephone call or if you can’t surf the Internet from your computer which connects through the IP Phone. This may be due to an interconnecting cable having become disconnected or there might have been a power surge. So, first ensure that all the connections are secure. Then reboot the IP Phone as follows.

    • Unplug the power cable from the IP Phone.
    • Wait 10 seconds, then plug the power cable back in.
    • Wait 2 minutes for the IP Phone to boot up and the display indicates it is ready for use.
    • Pick up the receiver to confirm that there is a dial tone.
    Rebooting other networking equipment

    Thunderstorms, power outages and other sources of power surges can cause loss of synchronization and disruption of communication links. So, if you can’t make a call from your IP Phone and/or can’t connect to the Internet, you may need to reboot your networking equipment. This consists of powering down, then powering up your equipment. You do NOT have to disconnect any of the interconnecting cables.

    Power down each element in the order shown below then wait a few minutes and power them back up in the same order. To power off a device, turn its power switch off or unplug its power cable. When powering up, wait for each device to become ready before powering up the next one.

    • Cable/DSL modem
    • Router, if any
    • Hub, if any
    • IP Phone
    • Your computer

    You should now be able to make a call using the IP Phone or surf the Internet.

    How can I change the volume, contrast or ringtone on my phone?

    Press the ‘Settings’ button on your phone to access the on-screen menu then select the Preferences menu and navigate to the desired sub-menu option. To change the ring tone navigate to the Tones menu. To change the display contrast navigate to the Display menu. To change the volume navigate to the Audio menu. Follow the on-screen instructions for making changes.

    How can I setup my phone to work with a headset?

    Press the ‘Settings’ button on your phone to access the on-screen menu then select the Preferences menu. Under Preferences, select Audio, then Audio Mode and choose the headset option you prefer.
  • IP Phones and Accessories
  • IP Phones and Accessories


    babyTEL is all about flexibility and convenience. That is why we make it possible for you to connect using different devices. Choose the device that best suits your needs from the following sections.

    IP Phones for your office desk

    Yealink T21P E2
    Price: FREE with All-In Extension Phone Included Plan

    The Yealink T21P E2 offers exceptional business phone features and flexibility in an enterprise grade IP telephone. With a sleek, elegant design this multi-line SIP telephone delivers the advanced features and performance traditionally found only in higher priced products.

    The Yealink T21P E2 features a 5 line LCD display, superior audio quality on handset, speakerphone or headset port and extensive storage capacity for personal directories and callers logs.

    Note: For your convenience we include a power adapter with the Yealink T21P E2 however it also supports Power-over-Ethernet for easy deployment with centralized powering. See the product Data Sheet for more details.

    *Should you choose to cancel your babyTEL Cloud PBX subscription before your six month anniversary, then you have the option of returning the $0 phones or purchasing them for $100.00 CDN each. Should you choose to cancel your babyTEL Cloud PBX subscription after your six month anniversary, then the $0 phones are yours and do not need to be returned. No extra charges will be applied to your account.

    Aastra 6731i
    Price: $119.95

    The Aastra 6731i offers exceptional features and flexibility in a enterprise grade IP telephone. With a sleek, elegant design and a compact footprint, this multi-line SIP telephone delivers the advanced features and performance traditionally found only in higher priced products.

    The Aastra 6731i features a 3 line LCD display, 2 dedicated line appearance keys and 8 customizable keys with LEDs. See the product Data Sheet for more details.

    Mitel 6865i
    Price: $169.95

    The Mitel 6865i offers exceptional value and flexibility in a fully featured and expandable true enterprise grade SIP desktop phone. Equipped with integrated HD wideband audio and dual GigE Ethernet, the 6865i offers a superior, crystal clear and life-like voice experience while meeting Gigabit throughput needs for PC connectivity.

    The Mitel 6865i features a sleek and elegant design with a large 3.4″ 128×48 pixel LCD display, 2 dedicated line appearance keys and 8 customizable keys with LEDs. See the product Data Sheet for more details.

    Mitel 6867i
    Price: $229.95

    The Mitel 6867i SIP phone is designed for power users who demand a lot from both their phones and their networks. With its remarkable HD wideband audio and enhanced speakerphone the 6867i provides a richer and clearer hands-free conversations and overall audio experience. Supporting today’s high speed networks through dual Gigabit Ethernet the Mitel 6867i is one of the most advanced SIP desktop phones available on the market today.

    The Mitel 6867i features a sleek and elegant design with a large color 3.5” QVGA 320×240 pixel LCD display, 2 dedicated line appearance keys and 6 customizable keys with LEDs. See the product Data Sheet for more details.

    Aastra 6739i
    Price: $489.95

    The Aastra 6739i, the latest member of our 6700i Series SIP telephone portfolio, brings leading edge communications technology to the desktop in a stylish global design.

    The Aastra 6739i features a 5.7” full color high resolution VGA touch screen display, an intuitive graphical user interface, touch screen softkeys, full duplex wideband audio speaker and handset, dedicated LED indicators, built-in Bluetooth interface and a USB port. See the product Data Sheet for more details.

    Telephone Adapter

    The OBi300 Universal VoIP Adapter

    Connect the OBi300 ATA to your analogue phone or other analogue devices and enjoy the benefits of voice calling over the Internet. You must have a router to use this adapter.

    Price: $59.95
    • 1 phone port to connect your analogue phone or other analogue devices
    • 1 (WAN) Ethernet connection to a broadband modem or router
    • 1 USB 2.0 port

    See the product Data Sheet for more details.

    Apps for desktop and smartphones

    Desktop softphone for PC or MAC

    With a babyTEL ROAMbaby Desktop, you can make or receive calls directly from your PC or laptop. The ROAMbaby Desktop can be downloaded to your computer and it works just like your home phone.

    Price: FREE
    • Support for all babyTEL features
    • Automatic service configuration and activation
    • Zero-touch configuration of your audio device
    • 2 line appearances


    Get better audio quality with an optional USB headset


    Custom designed for Unified Communications users, the SC 60 USB CTRL headset features Sennheiser HD stereo sound, a noise-cancelling microphone and maximum call-handling flexibility.

    Price: $69.95


    Features and Benefits:
    • Compatible with babyTEL Business Phone service
    • Quick and easy set-up with the USB connector
    • Call control features: answer/end a call, volume up/down, microphone mute, redial last outgoing call and reject incoming call
    • Sennheiser HD voice clarity – wideband sound for a natural listening experience even in noisy environments
    • Noise canceling microphone – crystal-clear voice transmission and cancels background office noise
    • High-Comfort – large dual-sided ear pads in an ultra-lightweight headset for relaxed wearing
    • Bendable boom arm – ensures microphone position is always optimal.
    • ActiveGard™ – technology protects you from acoustic shock and sudden sound surges
    • Peace of mind – 2-year international warranty

    See the product Data Sheet for more details.


    Smartphone app for Apple, Android and Blackberry

    On the go? Make and receive calls over WiFi or 3G and save on your monthly cellular minute costs!

    Available for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android phones.

    The ROAMbaby app is included with select Business plans.

  • Extras
  • Extras

    Call Queue

    A call could be a prospect, a partner or a customer that needs your help!

    An unanswered call could mean a missed opportunity or a lost customer.

    With call queues, you can manage large call volumes and minimize missed calls.

    Give your callers the positive experience they deserve and the option to wait for a representative to answer, or just leave a voicemail message.

    How it Works

    • Add a call queue to support sales, customer service, or admin teams
    • Manage who gets the calls on the call queue through your babyTEL portal
    • Include it in your company greeting (Press 2 for Customer Support, Press 3 for Sales)
    • The queued calls are distributed to the next available answering agent in the order received.
    • Choose a call queue size that suits your needs. Call queues come with on hold capacities of 2, 4 or 6 callers. Larger capacities available on request.
    • Callers can leave voicemail when no answering agent is available or if they no longer wish to wait on the line.
    • Add, Modify or Remove call queues as needed for your business.

    Call Queueing is an add-on service Purchase Call Queue licences via the babyTEL Store of the online account portal. There is a monthly recurring charge of $14.95 per Call Queue and a $0.03 charge for each minute of hold time in the queue.

  • Other Topics
  • Other Topics

    Call Queue

    How do I setup a call queue?

    Begin by purchasing a call queue via the babyTEL Store in your account portal. Next, you’ll need to create a Group and set its ‘Call distribution’ type to ‘Call queue’. Assign members to the Group so they can become queue agents. Finally, instruct your agents on how to login to the queue. Your call queue is now setup and ready to receive calls.

    How do agents login to a call queue?

    Agents log in and out of call queues using star codes. See the babyTEL Business Phone Quick Reference guide for details.

    How many callers can a call queue hold?

    Each call queue can hold 2, 4 or 6 callers. You choose the queue size when you purchase it from the babyTEL Store. Larger queue sizes are also available on request.

    Is there a limit to how long a caller can stay on hold?

    Yes. By default, the maximum waiting time for callers is 10 minutes, after which they will be sent to voicemail. Other default values can be set on request.

    What happens to calls when no agents are logged into a call queue?

    If a call queue receives a call but no agents are logged into it, the call will be redirected to the voice mailbox associated with that queue.

    What call distribution method is used with call queues?

    Calls are presented to agents using the Uniform Call Distribution method, where the next call is directed to the agent who has been idle longest.

    Voice Dialing

    What languages can the Automated Attendant recognize?

    When speech recognition is enabled in the Automated Attendant, it can recognize English or French. Both languages can be detected during the initial greeting when a language selection is offered. Each Automated Attendant is setup with a default language, which can be changed during a call if the caller is given the option to change language.

    What languages does the Virtual Assistant support?

    The Virtual Assistant dialogue is in the language of the user that called it, which can be either English or French. The user’s language is defined in their profile and can be changed via the babyTEL portal.

    How can I reach the Virtual Assistant and what can it do for me?

    You can reach the Virtual Assistant by dialing *99 from your extension. The Virtual Assistant will ask who you would like to talk to and then transfer you to the extension of the person you ask for.

    Why is the name I am looking for not recognized?

    There are many reasons that a name may not be recognized:

    The name was not properly entered in the user’s profile.

    The name of the person may require specific phonetic pronunciation to be added to the profile.

    The Automated Attendant menu is not setup to recognize voice.

    The Automated Attendant menu is not setup to offer user or group name matches.

    The Voice Dialing feature was not activated for your account.

    Why are the pronunciation menus not appearing in my account?

    Your account may have been setup without speech recognition capability. Please call our customer care department to activate the feature.

    Can the Automated Attendant detect telephone key presses as well as recognize voice?

    Yes, both voice and keypad entries can be used to control how the call is routed by the Automated Attendant.

    Can I prevent keypad entries altogether and just use speech recognition?

    All actions of the Automated Attendant must be mapped to a key, however you can decide not to mention them in the prompts.

    Can I disable Voice Dialing on my account?

    Yes, the feature could be turned off for the whole account or it can be selectively disabled for each Automated Attendant menu.

  • Documentation
  • Documentation