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  • 12.5.2010     Avaloch Insurance wins big using babyTEL and Talkswitch

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    Challenge: Avaloch Insurance Services, based in Richmond Hill, ON, Canada, is a full-service commercial insurance brokerage. From fleet policies to liability to “slip and fall”, they do it all. But Avaloch needed a phone system that would allow growth and flexibility. Avaloch president Chris Holman didn’t want a full-time receptionist when he started the company in 2008, but wanted to be available to callers.

    Solution: Holman talked to TalkSwitch reseller Ken McPherson, owner of kmTelecom. McPherson told him about TalkSwitch phone systems, with auto-attendants, ring groups, remote extensions, call cascade, voicemail to email and more. McPherson also advised him that VoIP would be the way of the future. Holman selected a VoIPenabled Talkswitch 488vs system with TS-600 phones.

    Less than six months later, he hired a new sales rep who could work from home with an IP phone and the system’s VoIP trunks. Now, two years later, Holman is moving his office. His phone company told him that since he was moving outside of their central office range for his phone number, he would have to change it. In a service industry like insurance, that can cost you customers. Holman called kmTelecom. McPherson advised him to sign up for babyTEL VoIP service, using the available VoIP capacity on his TalkSwitch system. Thus porting and keeping his existing phone number.

    “I told him that he was talking to me on babyTEL’s service,” McPherson says. “Their services work great with TalkSwitch phone systems. I set up a two-month demo for free and programmed his phone system to use VoIP for his long-distance calls, saving him money.”

    Results: Avaloch now has a full prepaid, non-contracted yearly service from babyTEL. Because Holman prepaid, he got a third free month and the set-up fees were waived by babyTEL as part of a Talkswitch/babyTEL promotion.

    Holman’s total savings will be:
    He won’t need the phone company to move the lines: $ 234.00
    Free services and promotional savings from babyTEL: $ 309.00
    $ 534.00 In savings by the time he moves
    Plus, he’ll realize other savings throughout the year on long distance, and he’s not saddled with a contract.

    “Trust is a big part of every relationship. Without trust, you don’t have a viable relationship. This is the foundation of all of our dealings at kmTelecom,” says McPherson. “I like it when a customers call us for advice, even when it’s not related to our sales. It shows value and commitment on both sides.”

    Avaloch Insurance

    “Ken McPherson of kmTelecom has been absolutely fantastic to work with! Our phone system has been designed to grow with us. Ken is very customer focused and his strong commitment to his clients is exemplary. We couldn’t be more satisfied.”