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Featuring ‘Home Phone World’- The ultimate home package

  • Keep your existing number or get a local phone number anywhere in the USA or Canada.
  • Say good-bye to long distance charges forever. No long distance charges for calls to Canada, the USA and 60 countries worldwide.
  • Answer your home phone calls and make calls from anywhere on your Android or iPhone, when connected to Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G or LTE.
  • Ideal home phone service for snow birds. Choose two distinct telephone numbers – a local number, and a second number anywhere in Canada or the U.S.
  • Use up to three separate phones with your line. Pick up calls at home, at a second fixed location or on your smart phone.
  • Get the benefit of two lines for the price of one. A call on call waiting, can be picked up on another phone.


  • Put your cell number to shame: Talk using ROAMBaby and save up to 80% compared to making the same calls on your regular cell number.
  • Talk, freely: Calling inside of Canada has never cost less. ROAMbaby lets you make-and-take affordable calls while on the road. Talk freely with no long-distance charges.

ROAM freely in the US or abroad

  • Low-cost calls from WiFi zones: Use ROAMbaby with your WiFi connection at your hotel or at near-by hotspots for low–to-no cost calling
  • Take a Mobile WiFi hotspot with you: Don’t get stuck in WiFi cafes and hotel rooms. Take a Mobile WiFi hotspot device (available from most US and European carriers) with you to access the internet at a fraction of the cost of your cell phone’s roaming data rates. Make low-cost calls from your ROAMbaby app, no matter where you roam!

The details

  • ROAMbaby app: A phone just like your native smartphone, with dialer, favorites, recents, contacts. It’s even a little smarter because of its built in WiFi or data connection test!
  • ROAMbaby smartnumber: Choose a phone number in an area code of your choice, and your friends and family from there talk to you as if they are dialing locally, no matter where you are.
  • Free ROAMbaby to ROAMbaby calling: Get your friends on ROAMbaby, and talk to them free. Anywhere. Anytime.
  • Low cost calling: Our $9.95 / month package includes 300 minutes of Canada/US long distance calling at no additional charge. Plus low rates on international calls that would make cell phone carriers blush.
  • The usual suspects: Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Voicemail and Voice-to-Email

ROAMbaby Access

An adapted softphone for Canadians living with a disability

Over 3.8 million Canadians are living with a disability (2012).

Current communication technology is not made for disabled persons, most solutions require the use of hands and fingers. Available adapted solutions exist, but they cost over $500, creating a huge additional cost for users or the government. Many disabled Canadians have access to a laptop or PC. Giving access to a computer means giving access to a phone, thanks to ROAMbaby Access!

ROAMbaby Access is an adapted softphone for the PC or Mac created by babyTEL, a leading Canadian Voice Over IP provider.

  • ROAMbaby Access can be controlled with an adapted keyboard and mouse
  • ROAMbaby Access can be controlled using keyboard shortcuts and 4 different scanning modes
  • All the benefits of a home phone on your computer
  • 300 minutes of local and long distance calls in Canada and the USA
  • One local phone number anywhere in the USA or Canada
  • Low international rates
  • Get help when you need it, with customer service 7 days a week

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Now available for:

Turn your iPod Touch/iPad
or Android Tablet into a phone!

More Savings, More Benefits

Get all the benefits of a traditional phone service, plus extra mobility features only available through babyTEL.

Supports Two Calls on Multiple Devices

Connect up to three phones (fixed or mobile) in different locations on the same account. All phones ring simultaneously when you receive a call. You can also make a second call from a different device.

Virtual Numbers

Set up a unique, local phone number anywhere in the USA or Canada. Check here to see if our service is available in your selected location. You can also keep your number.

Turn your Cell Phone into a Home Phone

Use the FREE ROAMbaby app to turn your mobile phone into an extension of your home phone.

FREE Calls

Make FREE calls to other babyTEL users anywhere in the world – without using your minutes or paying long distance charges.

Voicemail & Voice-to-Email

Record a personal greeting and access your voicemail messages by phone or by email.

Voicemail Transcription

Receive a text transcription of your voicemail along with the audio attachment right in your email. Now you can search your voice messages as you do emails. Save time and quickly respond to messages no matter where you are. Voicemail Transcription service is fully automated.

Call Forwarding

Easily forward your calls to another phone number. When your internet service is interrupted, calls to your babyTEL home number are automatically forwarded to your cell phone or another phone number of your choice.
Simply log in to manage your account, update your information, change preferences, add new services and view your billing and call details.

More features

User experiences

Users benefit in many wonderful ways. Tell us about your experience here or email us at userexperience@babytel.net

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